The modification of a parenting plan and timesharing schedule requires a showing of a “substantial, material, and unanticipated change of circumstances." § 61.13(2)(c) and (3). The substantial change test applies to modification of all custody agreements or decrees. Wade v. Hirschman, 903 So.2d 928 (Fla. Sup. 2005).

Under the Wade 2-part test, the moving party must show both that (1) the circumstances have substantially and materially changed since the custody determination and (2) the child’s best interests justify the change. Id. Florida Statute § 61.13(2)(c) “grants the Court with continuing jurisdiction to modify custody orders but does not state the conditions necessary for modification. We therefore look to case law for guidance on how to make this determination." Wade, 903 So.2d at 933 (Fla. Sup. 2005). What constitutes a change in circumstances is determined by the facts of each case.