Florida law provides for one spouse to be supported by the other spouse after the marriage has ended. This is known as alimony, spousal support, support or maintenance. Either husband or wife can be required to financially support the other, based upon the financial circumstances surrounding the divorce.

The amount of maintenance one spouse must pay to the other is based upon several different factors: duration of the marriage; contribution of each spouse to the marriage (homemaking and child care are included in this point); financial resources of each person, including all marital and non-marital assets available; the physical and emotional condition of  each party; the age of each party; and the standard of living during the marriage.

At Hodges & King, our attorneys are experienced with each type of alimony and spousal support in the state of Florida, and we can help you to ensure that your rights are protected in your case. In any divorce, many different factors must be balanced to achieve agreement on both sides. Our attorneys have years of experience working with individuals seeking divorce, and a history of helping them achieve the smoothest transition possible.